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Lu Chen stands for high performance fiber composites at a high-quality standard.

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Light and resistant

  • Innovative material with excellent properties
  • Low specific weight
  • Extreme resistance and stiffness
  • Manifold scope for design and shaping
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Products with a wide range of profiles
  • Thermosetting and thermoplastic materials
  • Extremely light but also especially stiff products
  • Prototyping and small serial production
  • To a large extent manual manufacturing


Lu Chen has it own Research Department where we are going to improve our products steadily. Also we are searching for new ways and solutions for all composite fibres components.

Lu Chen is working with an experienced and highly motivated team of chemists, technicians and engineers. We are always striving to gain new insights in the field of composite technology and make it accessible to our customers.

So we can guarantee that we can offer you high quality and know-how at the highest level.


Lu Chen offers a couple of advantages for their customers.

  • Strategic Thinking Investment Group
  • Prepared for the growing market
  • 100 % European Factory Equipment
  • International Design & Engineering staff and sales office
  • Relationship to row material producer
  • Row material and  semi finished products according to customer preference
  • Own Matrix Systems

Our portfolio


Carbon fiber/Aramid fiber composite materials with excellent specific modulus, specific strength and fatigue resistance performances, have been widely used in the primary and secondary load-carrying structure on the aircraft such as wings, tails, undercarriages, rotor blades and wing boxes, etc.

Lu Chen New Materials has capacity of design & analysis, procurement and industrialization. All of the equipment have the European aviation certification. We will do our best to fill the needs of the global aerospace industry.

High Voltage Insulation

In the high voltage insulation field, the aramid fiber reinforce epoxy resin composite, with high insulation, excellent thermal stability, high modulus and high strength performance, have become the irreplaceable material, which demoand ultra light, high strength and high insulation property.

Lu Chen New materials has an annual production capacity of 100,000 meters in insulating tube and field, which has fulfill the domestic blank.

Automotive Industry

Carbon Fiber/Aramid fiber composites materials as the excellent lighweight and high-strength materials, have been widely used in the production of Formula 1 racing cars and sport cars including the carbon fiber chassis, interior and outside parts, anti-collision units, rotation axis and rims, etc.

The technical team of Lu Chen New Materials has 15 years experience in R&D and mass production of the carbon fiber structure automobile components in Europe automotive markets. We could produce the chassis and parts which could fit the demand of the Formula cars.

Safe Guard Products

The aramid fiber composite materials play a more important role in the safety protection. Para-Aramid fiber is with excellent mechanical property, chemical resistance and thermo stability properties. It could adsorb a lot of power and reduce the damage of the protective body by deformation when it was impacted by high speed objects.

Lu Chen New Materials has an annual production capacity of 1,000,000 sqm bulletproof fabric and 200 tons of bulletproof composite materials.

Sports and Racing

Carbon fiber composite matreials have high modulus, high strength and excellent fatigue resitance performances. The density of the carbon composite is only 1.5 ~ 1.6 g/cc, which makes it especially suitable for the modern athletic sports.

Carbon composite have been widely used in the sport equipment. Especially the ones which has moved by human power such as fishing poles, golf clubs, tennis rackets, bicycles, skis, canoes and much more.

High Pressure Vessel

The carbon fiber and aramid fiber has widely used in the filament winding vessel production due to its light weight an high strength. The vessel products including SCBA, gas cylinders and gas tanks and more.

lu Chen New Materials imports the overseas advanced equipment and has an annual production capacity of 50,000 gas cylinders.


Xinjin NPC Investigate LuChen New Material

On March 24, 2016,the director of Xinjin National People's Congress standing committee, SunYingyuan visit LuChen new material accompanied by the county National People'sCongress delegation; Our president Wang Peiyong warmly received them, and theydeeply understand...
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Warmly congratulations for Lu Chen passing the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification

To regulate the company management process, effectively controlf quality, forma standardized management and management mode, LuChen new material importISO9001:2015 quality management standard systemsince March 2015from the perspectiveof strategic. Careful and rigorous...
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Lu Chen new material participate in the 51st JEC composites exhibition in France

On March 8 to 10,2016, the world's oldest and largest composite materials industryprofessional exhibition - the 51st annual European JEC composites show, washeld in the beautiful Paris, France. Global composites people gathered here to witness the event.On behalf of...
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LuChen New Materials was awarded advanced unit

Sichuan chemical industryassociation held the “Sichuan chemical industry thirteenth-five-yeardevelopment planning seminar, also the summarization convention for advancedunit and advanced personal of twelfth-five-year in longquanyi district of Chengduin Sichuan...
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